Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding (Relatively) Reasonable Parking in NYC

For our anniversary, Lori and I will be spending a weekend in New York City.  We got what seems to be a really good deal on a cool looking hotel on the West Side for a night, and then we'll be sailing on a 2-night Disney Cruise to nowhere out of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on the Disney Magic.  I'm sure there will be reviews in future posts of both the cruise and the hotel.
Image:  Flickr/Trodel

One of our concerns was finding reasonable parking.  I don't have any reservations about driving in Manhattan as I've done it several times before, but I know that parking rates can be outrageous.  

Our original plan was to park our car in Weehawken, NJ and take the ferry into Manhattan.  It's a beautiful way to arrive in New York, and the parking rates at the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal seemed to be reasonable.  

While searching around, though, I found a website (BestParking) that gives the rates for most of the garages and lots in Manhattan.  Using that, I found that I can park near the hotel and cruise terminal in the City for just a few bucks more than the cost of parking in New Jersey and the cost of the ferry.  The site also has an app for most phones and appears to give parking rates for a variety of other cities and airports, although I haven't checked out any of those features.   


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