Europe in 21 Days and 4 Backpacks

Here are the daily trip reports from our amazing trip through Europe during the summer of 2012:

Pre-Trip - We're Packed
Day 1 - 1 Day Layover in Venice
Day 2 - Venice to Naples to Sorrento
Day 3 - Tour of the Sorrentine Peninsula
Day 4 - Pompeii, No Vesuvius, and Dinner with a View
Day 5 - Positano and the Amalfi Coast Bus
Day 6 - Bagni Regina Giovanna, Puolo, & My Experiences in an Italian Emergency Room
Day 7 - Churches of Sorrento
Day 8 - Sorrento to Rome, Fountains, and the Pantheon
Day 9 - The Vatican Museum, St. Peter's Basilica, Rome at Night
Day 10 - Coliseum & Forum:  The Caesar Shuffle
Day 11 - Orvieto, Arrivederci Italy
Day 12 - Waking up in the Alps, Mike's Bike Tour, and the Hofbrauhaus
Day 13 - Salzburg
Day 14 - Castles, Trains, and Luging through the Alps
Day 15 - A Relaxing Last Day in Munich
Day 16 - Auf Weidersehen Munich, Bonjour Paris
Day 17 - Eiffel Tower, Bad Luck, and Paris at Night
Day 18 - Quasi Moto, Marie Antoinette, Mona Lisa, and a Cute Cafe
Day 19 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Day 1
Day 20 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Day 2
Day 21 - Disneyland Paris and Au Revoir Europe
Post-Trip - European Vacation Photo Book


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