Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Abby's 5 Must-Sees at the Vatican Museum

During the planning for our upcoming European vacation, it was important to us that everyone had input into the activities we planned and the places to which we will be going.  Our 9 year old daughter recently wrote and posted this piece explaining some of the things she'd like to see in the Vatican Museum on her blog, From Abby's Point of View.  I'm cross posting it here.

The Vatican Museum

This summer I am going to Europe.  In Rome, my family is going to the Vatican Museum.  Here are 5 things I want to see in the museum and why I want to see them.

1.  While we are at the Vatican museum I want to look at  The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.  It took Michelangelo 4 long years to paint.  He did it on scaffolding.  Instead of just painting it, he put up plaster and painted on the plaster.  It is from the part of  the Bible called the Old Testament. I would like to look at it because it’s one of the most famous and oldest works of art. 

2.  I would like to see the Laocoon. It is a sculpture of priest Laocoon and his sons being eaten by snakes. I want to see it because it is a very famous sculpture and I like the look of it all. 

3. I would love to get a peek at the Last Judgement.  It’s an entire painted wall of human souls rising and falling.  I’d love to see it because it’s so big and amazing.

4. I want to search for the statue of Perseus.  It is a sculpture of a man on a horse holding Gorgon Medusa’s head.  I want to  search for it because it is like good winning a battle against evil.

5.  Last, in the Vatican museum I’d like to look at Antinous. It is a Greek Statue of an entourage of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.  I want to find  it because I want to go to Greece someday.

Image Credit:  Flickr/nathangibbs

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