Monday, August 6, 2012

Sorrento to Rome, Fountains, and the Pantheon

The day started out with us having breakfast and saying goodbye to Villa Adriana and Sorrento. We loaded up our packs and headed for the train station. Everyone was responsible for their own luggage.

We bought our tickets for Naples and got on the Circumvesuviana again. We said goodbye to Jayne and Gwen, who took a bus to the airport for their flight to London. The train was very hot and very crowded with all the luggage. Everyone started to get a bit grumpy.

As we pulled out of the station, the "La Bamba" guys jumped on board and started to play. It took a little over an hour to get to Naples. Michael's puppy had to ride up in the luggage rack.

When we arrived in Naples, it took us a few minutes to get our bearings, find our way up to the main station, and get our tickets.

We used the ticket machines to book 2 sets of "familia" tickets, which give a 20% discount to family groups of up to 5 people. We booked one group of 4 adults and one child, and one group of 2 adults and one child. We were in different cars, so Michael, Lori, and I road on one ticket, while Abby road with my parents, Becky, and Gabe.

We took the fast train, so the ride to Rome was only an hour and ten minutes. The train was much nicer than the Circumvesuviana, and the ride went quickly. Michael passed the time by playing Angry Birds on my iPad.

When we got to Rome, we exited the station and found our hotel, the Hotel Morgana, pretty easily. We checked in, and after taking our passports for a few minutes, we got into our rooms and dropped our bags off.

Looking back, we should have showered, rested, and headed back out to explore in the evening. We didn't, though. We rushed right out hoping to find the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona. It was hot. Really hot. Disney World Animal Kingdom in August hot. Michael wilted. Abby got grumpy. By the time we made it to the Roman Forum we were all drenched in sweat and miserable.

We made the decision to buy 48 hour passes for a hop-on/hop-off bus. We hopped on at Piazza Venezia and rode past the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain Stop.

We walked to Trevi Fountain and were blown away by how beautiful it was. I admit that I wanted to jump in because I was so hot and sweaty.

From there we walked toward the Pantheon. We passed several "Gladiators" enjoying cigarettes along the walk.

The Pantheon was awesome. We stayed in there for a while both to admire the amazing building and because it was shady and cool in there. Michael was to tired to care by then.

We decided that Piazza Navona was going to be our last stop. We walked there, took a look at the fountains, and walked back to the bus stop. Michael rode most of the way on my shoulders.

We all showered and rested before having a nice dinner together close to the hotel. I had salt cod over polenta with a tomato and onion based sauce that was very good. Lori had a spaghetti carbonara that she said was excellent.

We ended the evening with a walk and gelato. In our limited experience, Sorrento gelato is the best so far, followed by what we got tonight in Rome. Our Venetian gelato was the least good so far, although I really liked the coconut flavor I got there.

Tomorrow will be an early morning, as we've got a 9AM reservation at the Vatican Museum. I'm really looking forward to the Sistine Chapel and climbing the Dome of St. Peter's.

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Location:Via Filippo Turati, Roma, Italy


  1. What a trip!! I'm very jealous! Hope you guys are having a great time, which it sounds like you are! Kersey is doing well but gets lonely at night and misses her family. Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Hey Mike how is your hand? Sounds like all of you will have lots to talk about when you get back and for many years to come!