Sunday, June 3, 2012

Take-Off! Our First Post

Here's my travel philosophy:

Convenience and enjoyment on vacation are great, but they'll cost you.  You can either pay with money, or you can pay with time by doing research.  I over-research, over-analyze, and overplan.
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This philosophy works great for trips to places like Disney World and Europe.  Not so much for a week at the beach.  (I've learned that waking your wife at 6:30AM in order to get to the French pastry place on the boardwalk before 'rope drop' and thus get crepes without waiting in line isn't exactly a recipe for marital bliss.)

As a family we love to travel.  My wife and I are blessed to both be teachers, mostly because of the awesome opportunity to shape the future generation, but also because we have our summers to spend with our kids.

I'm starting this blog so that friends and family can share in some of our travel experiences, but also as a place to share tips, ideas, and cool things that I come across during my sessions of obsessive, neurotic planning.  


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